Mural Arts Tour Philadelphia #1

philadelphia mural mile
John Lewis mural art

Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program evolved from a simple 1984 project organized by muralist Jane Golden to combat the city’s art graffiti problem.

malcoml x murals - öural artist - mural program
mural Artist: Ernel Martinez – malcom x

The muralis grew up in gang-plagued L.A. and Detroit, but emerged to forge a career as an artist and muralist.

Meg Saligman - urban art artists
Meg Saligman mural arts

One of the city’s most famous murals, this piece is eight stories high.

Cavin Jones - philadelphia mural program
Cavin Jones murals

Although he also shows work at Philadelphia’s prestigious Seraphin Gallery, Jones has “always believed that art should be in people’s lives…. Murals give me an opportunity to do this.”

types of murals - murals in philly
cavin jones mural #2 philadelphia

To create this piece, the artist drew the basic outlines of the children’s faces, broke them down into simplified color areas, then invited local students to fill them in with paint. mural arts philly

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