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street art ideas
joel and chris street art

Joel Bergner is an artist who has exhibited and painted throughout the world. His trademark is an eclectic mix of colors and intense imagery, exploring stories of marginalized people. Chris Soria uses complex geometrical shapes and colors in his works to produce unexpected patterns.

new york street art - broklyn - Buff Monster
Buff Monster broklyn art

Buff Monster is a popular artist famous for his signature use of the color pink graffiti  art. Over the last 15 years, he’s crossed over as both a street artist and gallery artist, and his meticulously executed paintings have been shown in galleries around the world

c3 art - ukart - c3 mural art
C3 new york brok art

Look for the subtle pin-ups of the UK artist C3, whose stickers and paste-ups can be found decorating walls art in unexpected spots

Chris Stain and Billy Mode - newyork graffiti art
Chris Stain and Billy Mode newyork graffiti art

Chris Stain seeks to illustrate “the triumph of the human spirit” as experienced by those in underrepresented urban and rural environments. Baltimore-based Billy Mode specializes in abstract, graffiti-inspired art and complex murals.

Dasic Fernández and Rubin415 - newyork art
Dasic Fernández and Rubin415

Dasic Fernández is a Chilean artist — now a native New Yorker — whose works are often bold and colorful. Swedish Rubin415 is a master at painting graffiti characterized by geometrical and abstract shapes; he has painted around the world.

LMNOPİ - street wall painting

Artist and activist LMNOPI addresses social and political issues through her work. Her subjects are often portraits of overlooked communities — women, immigrants, people of color — in earth-toned compositions.

monster graffiti - colorful art - newyork ar - street artist graffiti
Steiner life monster

Steiner is known for his beautiful, colorful — and often scary — larger-than-life monsters.

tats cru - graffiti - classical art
tats cru art

A Bronx-based, iconic veteran graffiti crew, TATS CRU works in a classic graffiti style and has inspired generations of graffiti and street artists who’ve followed in their irreverent, cartoonish footsteps.

street art images - toofly muralist
toofly street art images

The bright works of the Ecuadorean muralist Toofly are almost always portraits of powerful, inspirational women, which turn humdrum city walls into colorful homages to female beauty. She’s painted large-scale works around the world.

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