Mythical Miniature Animals By Dayna Corbitt

dayna corbitt - polymer clay animal sculptures
elephant dayna shop figures

Dayna Corbitt is a self trained, self-propelled craftsman, dwelling in Olympia, Washington, United States of America who has made small figures of eccentric animals out of the polymer mud. Dayna’s motivations are creatures, children’s stories, nature, minor things.

Dayna have shops on Etsy called WhimsyCalling, which has been up and running for a year. Consistently Dayna makes another elephant, hedgehogs, raccoons and different creatures, expressive and exceptionally adorable.

Miniature Animals diy
cute animal figures - Dayna Corbitt


Dayna Corbitt diy- handmade
racoon figures
Dayna Corbitt - etsy -WhimsyCalling
cute rabbit diy
created tiny sculptures


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