Staggering Statues Former Soviet Union

Volgograd, Russia
The Motherland Calls

Nobody could ever accuse the Soviets of being too modest in the scale of their monuments and colossal sculptures, and they left no shortage of absolutely bonkers concrete and stone creations all over their former territories. In addition to their strange yet beautiful sculptural rural bus stops and all of abstract alien-like monuments they constructed in what was once Yugoslavia, the Soviets took pride in erecting colossal figurative statues that range from awe-inspiring to downright scary.

The Motherland Calls, Volgograd, Russia
Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship, Turna Hill, Bulgaria
Colossal Courage, Belarus
Superhero-Style Astronaut Sculpture, Moscow, Russia
Lenin’s Head, Ulan-Ude, Russia
The Victory Monument in Riga, Latvia
Mother of the Motherland, Kiev, Ukraine

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