Trina Merry Body art with NYC

trina mary living canvas nyc

Trina merry bodyarts human to blend with NYC architecture with the human bodyart going about as a living canvas, brooklyn-based craftsman trina happy paints scenes and scenes, which flawlessly converge into their encompassing urban environment. new york city is the scenery for cheerful’s fastidiously shown compositional structures and historic points, which are precisely definite onto the bare assemblages of female models. the brooklyn connect, guggenheim exhibition hall and coney island’s dynamically shaded passageway doors are a couple of the locales that are covered onto the human structures, mixing them together as though they were one.

trina merry body paints people on the street
human body acting as a living canvas
brooklyn bridge
Camouflage Bodypainting guggenheim museum
st. mark’s rooftop with empire state building


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