North Carolina’s for Wizard of Oz lovers

wizard of oz

Composed as a novel by L. Honest Baum in 1900, the Wizard of Oz turned into an acclaimed Technicolor film in 1939. The accomplishment of that film prompted to the investigation of prequels and continuations frantically looking for the distinction and acknowledgment that the orignal melodic film earned. Maybe the boldest emphasis was the amusement of the Land of Oz as an amusement stop in North Carolina’s Beech Mountains. Picture taker Johnny Joo went to the site and shot the remnants, brimming with wild roots and thick haze. His frightful portaits catch an otherworldly place that has slowly turned into the ideal setting for your most exceedingly terrible bad dreams

North Carolina’s Beech Mountains
Land of Oz
johnny-joo photography – ozz trees
Abandoned place jhonny hoo

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