Ani-Human Body ART by Lennette Newell

Lennette Newell - body art - ani human
elephant and woman

A picture taker has made a strange show highlighting bare models being secured with body paint to look simply like wild creatures. Lennette Newell‘s challenging pictures demonstrate models acting shrouded in paint like zebras, elephants, primates and cheetahs alongside their genuine partners. The San Francisco picture taker’s show, called ‘Hostile to Human’ was contrived out of Lennette’s adolescence craving to wind up distinctly one of the creatures her dad used to regard as a vet. Her strikingly beautiful set intends to stamp the contrast amongst people and wild creatures.The greater part of Lennette‘s ‘Against Human‘ accumulation pictures were taken in Los Angeles, California.

boa and woman - head-to-toe in body paint - ani human - nature images
snake and woman
mandarin and man - Lennette Newell
mandarin and man – Lennette Newell – ani human
cheetah and woman - wildlife photographer - ani human - extreme nature photography
cheetah and woman

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